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Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations
Sunday May 5th 2019 10am

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The event is run under the CTT governing body so, if this doesn't sound familliar to you, you will have to go through the following steps before entering. Don't worry, it's quite straightforward and you can get in touch if unsure.

1 - Join a CTT-affiliated club

We recommend Macclesfield Wheelers of course. It is not possible to enter as an individual so you need to be part of a club or team which is enrolled to the CTT event calendar.

2 - Get a CTT account

Register here (it's free) and let them know which club you signed up for as well as some other essential details.

3 - Enter

Click here to enter or search through the CTT events list to find us, then click the green button to enter. Entries close on the 23rd April. We will be in touch around that time with more details for the day.

4 - Prepare

Make sure you are in your best shape leading up to the event & don't forget to get enough rest just beforehand, so you're fresh for the day.

Full rules and regulations are here.


To be confirmed! Check back here soon and we'll reveal the details.

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